A How To Guide On Making Jewelry


Do you love jewelry? Do you ever dream of making jewelry?


Have you ever been shopping and seen a piece of jewelry that you thought cost too much? Have you ever thought “Hey I can make that myself for a whole lot less”? Not surprisingly many jewelry designers start out that way.

Perhaps you want to make jewelry for yourself and your friends? Or do you see yourself selling the jewelry you make? No matter the ultimate goal we all start at the same place, the beginning.

That’s why you’re here. Or I hope that’s why you’re here. :) I’ll help you figure out where to start. From choosing the right beading material, tiger tail or beadalon?, to how to crimp a crimp bead (a what bead?). You'll be making jewelry in no time flat!

What if you already know the basics? Well I’ll help you too. We’ll cover a wide range of bead ideas from the beginner level to the more advanced. There will be plenty of tips, tutorials, and techniques for everyone!

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