About me - The artist behind it all.

Marcia & Guy

What to tell about me?. First and foremost I am a mother of a 9 year old son with another baby on the way. Come on October! :)

Beaded Earrings I got my start in making jewelry when I was 10. I have an Aunt, who at that the time lived in Wyoming, who I went to visit one summer. She makes Native American inspired jewelry and clothing. During that visit she taught me how to make simple seed bead and quill earrings. Her work can be viewed at Porcupine Quill Art It wasn't until my teenage years that a serious interest began, I bought book upon book upon book and got my start with seed beads, a needle, thread, and a block of wax. My hobby turned into something more serious about 5 years ago as did my taste in the jewelry I made. I now make more modern pieces with lampwork, gemstones, and glass.

Gold Fill Butterfly Earrings

I have no formal art education outside of art class in elementary school and high school. I have always loved art in one form or another and enjoy creating. I love to experiment with new ideas and techniques ... and if it doesn't work I just start over.

I take great pride in my work and each piece is a one-of-a-kind wearable piece of art. No two pieces are ever the same and I don't duplicate my work.


The Internet is a wonderful place, but unfortunately, it has a dark side. Unethical people can use it to their advantage and once they make money off you, there is no stopping them. The Solo Build It Scam site is a site that talks about Google bombs and what it did to Solo Build It!. It's a true story that could happen to anybody.