Balance in Design

Balance in design is achieved through the harmonious arrangement of elements within your design. Does your piece feel balanced or does one side seem “heavier” than the other?

Balance is based on the materials used, the color, texture, size, shape and scale and is an extension of proportion. You can have used your colors in the right proportion but placed them in an off place causing the piece to be off balance.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance

In a symmetrical design the two halves of the piece are exactly the same. You can achieve symmetry in your designs by using the exact same colors on each side as well as the exact same size, shape, and textured elements and placing them in the same place.

Symmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical designs are harder to put together and require more planning than symmetrical designs. In an asymmetrical design the visual weights of each side are equivalent to each other but not the same. It is more of a psychological or “felt” balance.

Asymmetric Balance

The balance in this image is off because of the the 4 large beads set off to one side.

Placing the 4 larger beads in the center with black beads spacing them out gives a much better sense of balance to the design.

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