Design Rhythm

Pattern or rhythm describes the way the viewer’s eye is directed to move through a piece. How does it lead or engage the eye to look at the whole piece? Rhythm can be created through the use of shapes, colors, textures, sizes and the repetition of their use.

In this picture we’re varying not only the color, Yellow-Black-Black-Black-Yellow but the size of the beads as well, 10mm-8mm- 8mm-8mm-10mm.

Varying Color and Size of Beads

Black-Yellow-Black is another rhythm.

A piece can have multiple rhythms through the use of color and positioning of forms, i.e. leaves or other shapes.

You can have multiple strands, each with its own rhythm, that work together to define a unified rhythm.

Here a multi-strand rhythm is achieved using 10mm Yellow – 8mm Black – 10mm Yellow for the bottom strand and 6mm Black – 6mm Yellow – 6mm Black for the top strand.

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