Designing With Shape

Shape is any type of form that is used in a composition. Shape can be the strongest element in a design, aside from color. The subject matter of the shape will automatically either contribute to or distract from your intended design idea.

If you’re designing an aquatic themed piece you wouldn’t want to add a horse shaped bead to the mix – it would stand out and be distracting.

Shapes can be used to create texture, define space, separate, create emphasis and effect mood. Circular and curvy shapes are soft, peaceful, feminine, and care-free. Rectangular shapes are more orderly, secure, masculine, and familiar.

Geometric shapes are rectangles, triangles, octagons, squares and are complex and stable.

Geometric Shapes

Natural (organic) shapes are irregular shapes, things that are found in nature like a blade of grass or something man-made like an ink blob. They convey a feeling of spontaneity and are fluid and natural feeling/looking.

Organic Shapes

Abstract shapes are the essence of an organic shape; they are simple stylized forms like the wheelchair shape on handicap signs.

Abstract Shapes

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