Emphasis in design refers to making a piece of the design stand out. In jewelry this typically refers to the focal point in your design. To do this one develops points of interest to pull the viewer's eye to important parts of the body of the work. It is to make one part of an artwork dominant over the other parts. It makes an element or object in a work stand out.

A single bead that stands out because of its color or size is a focal point. A repeated color or pattern in a design can create importance in your designs as can placing certain elements in a particular place in your design.

The area of emphasis will always be what catches the viewer’s eye first. A piece with no emphasis in it is likely to go unnoticed or be viewed as boring or uninspiring. On the flip side of this is trying to make everything stand out equally. This can also make your design boring or overly busy.

Focal Point

The use of line can also guide the eye to a specific point in a piece. Our eyes and brain want to be able to make a complete circle around a piece and then come to rest at a certain point. This can be achieved through a couple of different ways.

Using a single bead or set of beads in the center of your design creates a focal point. This bracelet is as simple as it gets with a single lampwork bead serving as the focal point.

Single Bead Focal Point

Varying color (dark to light) to guide the eye to a specific point. These earrings move top to bottom with your eyes falling in the middle of them where the darker bead and bead caps are.

Focal Point Varying Light and Dark

Positioning the clasp in the front of your design can create a focal point. Here a button has been used for a sliding clasp on an adjustable suede necklace. The use of a button for a clasp and its use in the front draw your eye towards the front of the piece.

Focal Point Clasp In Front

A centered pendant creates a focal. The use of a single centered pendent draws your eye down to the center of this simple necklace

Focal Point Pendant

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