Jewelry Making Tools

Are you wondering what the essential jewelry making tools are for getting started? This page outlines the basic beading tools that you'll need to get a running start. These are all tools that I use on a regular basis and really just can't live without.

Chain Nose Pliers

Chain-nose pliers: These pliers are great for getting into and gripping in tight places. They are good for opening and closing jump rings or for bending wire. These pliers typically have teeth on them so they can mar sensitive wire like Sterling Silver.

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat-nose pliers: These pliers are smooth jawed so they are great for bending wire, opening and closing jump rings and anything else you can think of. This is my most used plier.

Round Nose Pliers

Round-Nose Pliers: These are a must have tool. You can use them to hold on to pieces, open and close jump rings, and for wire wrapping items.

Side cutters: These are good for general cutting of cutting wire or bead cord. They will always leave a triangle shape (^) on the end of the wire or cord. This has to be filed off of wire.

Flush Cutters

Flush cutters: Are used to cut bead wire (Beadalon, Accu-Flex, etc.) and wire. As the name suggests they leave a flat flush cut (less work in the end) and can reach into some tighter places that side cutters can't get into.

Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers: These are used to crimp a crimp bead onto beading wire like Beadalon or Accu-flex.

Bead Reamer

Bead reamer: This will help you enlarge the hole on beads. It is especially useful with pearls since they have very small holes in them. A diamond tipped bead reamer is best. They tend to last longer and work better than other bead reamers.

Bead Board

Bead Board: Having a bead board in not an absolute essential, but it sure is nice. :) A bead board can help you lay out your design before hand and get a good idea of how long it will end up being. In my experience this can lead to less time spent making an item.

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