Wire Loop

Making a simple wire loop is a great way to attach 2 components together. You can use this to create many different designs from bracelets, necklaces, earrings and charms. If I run out of head pins I will often create a simple wire loop on one end of a piece of wire, add a bead and then wire wrap the other end to a piece.

I don’t recommend using a wire gauge larger than 22 gauges, preferably half hard wire. Larger gauges like 26 gauges are just too thin to hold their shape well. The wire in this demonstration is a 22 gauge half hard sterling silver wire. You’ll probably want to start with copper craft wire to practice with and save your precious metal wire for when you’re more confident in your skills.


  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire
  • Beads of your choice


1. To start take a length of wire and hold it with your round nose pliers in your dominate hand. You want the long tail to be at the bottom.

wire loop step 1

2. Then using your non-dominate hand grasp the wire and start to form the loop by bending the wire away from your body.

wire loop step 2

3. Continue around until your wire is parallel to your pliers as shown below.

wire loop step 3

4. Open your round nose pliers and place the loop with its tail facing down towards the floor again

wire loop step 4

5. With your non-dominate hand hold on to the tail of the wire while bending the round nose pliers back towards yourself slightly. This creates a bend in the wire and completes the round loop.

wire loop step 5

6. You can now add a bead and either wire wrap it to a piece of jewelry or form another loop at the end and use it as a connector.

Wire Loop Finished

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