Element of Space in Design

Space adds interest, excitement, and contrast to a work of art. There are two types of space; positive and negative.

Positive space refers to the actual space of an object. In this case it would be beads, clasps, etc.

Negative space refers to the empty space surrounding an object.

Positive and Negative Space

In design the use of negative space can often be as important if not more important than the use of positive space. A lacy design with lots of open, empty, space can give a design a soft and airy feeling. A design that uses up all available space can feel more dramatic and heavy.

You can also think of space as the area or volume that is taken up by a piece or component. A single strand bracelet takes up less space than a double strand bracelet.

When working with metal you can get more into volume and 3-dimensional shapes, although a very full charm bracelet can also have volume. This wire bracelet shows both positive and negative space and the large round beads add a 3-D element to the design and take up more space than had it been made using flat beads.

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