Wire S Clasp

Making a wire S clasp is fairly easy with practice. The hardest part is bending the wire. A 16 gauge wire is pretty stiff, which is why it’s a good gauge to use for a clasp. I wouldn’t use anything larger than 18 gauge for a clasp unless you really need something delicate looking. Larger gauge wires are softer so they tend to lose their shape.


  • 3” 16 gauge wire
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Metal file
  • Ruler
  • Plastic/Rubber head hammer (optional)

1. First make sure the wire you cut doesn’t have a point on the end, like the one shown in the picture does. If it does you need to file that point off with your metal file.

2. Once both ends of your wire a flat and smooth take your round nose pliers in your dominate hand. Place one end of the wire at the tip of your pliers.

3. Make a small loop in the wire by bending the pliers away from your body.

4. Then place your pliers about ½” down from the small loop you just made, with the small loop facing towards you and the wire in the very back of the pliers. Use your ruler if you’re not sure how much ½” is.

5. Using your non-dominate hand bend the wire around the pliers until the small loop is touching the wire tail.

6. Now turn the wire around with the loop you just made at the bottom and facing away from you. Make another small loop in the wire.

7. Place the wire so that the small loop is facing toward you with the pliers about ½” down and make another large loop to complete the S-clasp.

8. Sometimes your clasp will be a little bent and you’ll need to use a small plastic headed hammer to flatten it out, this also hardens the wire making the clasp sturdier. Place the clasp on a hard smooth surface and gently hit it with your hammer until it is even.

9. And that’s it; you’ve successfully made your own S clasp. You can then use jump rings to attach it to a bracelet or necklace or be creative and use it in earrings!

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