wire wrapped loop with bead

Making a wire wrapped loop is a great way to create charms for bracelets, make earrings, and attach beads to necklaces and more. Wire wrapping is preferred among many jewelry designers because it creates a securely fastened piece. Learning how to wrap wire takes some patience and practice so I recommend starting out with copper craft wire in a gauge that is easiest for you to work with. 22 or 24 gauge is usually good as it’s pretty easy to bend; smaller gauges like 16 or 14 are harder to work with.

When you’re practicing check to make sure your wraps are even. You don’t want the wires to overlap onto each other. You also shouldn’t see the wire underneath through your wraps. Take it slow and be patient, you will eventually master this skill!


  • Chain Nose or flat nose pliers
  • Round Nose pliers
  • Head pin
  • Beads
  • Wire cutters

Tools wire wrapped loop

1. Take a head pin and place your bead on it.

2. Now take your round nose pliers in your dominant hand and place the head pin in them leaving about 1/8 an inch of wire above the bead. This leaves you enough room to make your loop and wrap.

3. Now, holding the round nose pliers in your dominant hand, bend the wire towards you with your non-dominate hand making roughly a 90 degree bend in the wire.

4. Then with your non-dominate hand take the wire and wrap it away from you around the round nose pliers forming a loop.

5. Continue to wrap the wire around the pliers until the wire is parallel to your bead.

6. While still holding the wire with your round nose pliers grasp the tail of the wire with your chain nose pliers with your non-dominate hand, or if the wire is small and flexible enough you can use your fingers.

7. Now begin to wrap the wire around the head pin. Take the wire under the bead and round nose pliers and come up the other side making sure the wire is snug against the head pin and that the wraps don’t overlap each other or have gaps between them.

8. Continue wrapping until you run out of room, usually 2 – 3 wraps around, and the wire is flush against the top of the bead.

9. When you’re done wrapping the wire around to the top of the bead you will have a wire tail that needs to be cut off.

10. Take your wire cutters in your dominate hand and while holding the bead in your non-dominant hand cut the tail off as close to the wrapped part as you can get it.

11. You’ll now have a tiny wire tail sticking out that needs to be tucked in so it doesn’t get snagged on fabric or scratch anyone.

12. Take your flat nose or chain nose pliers and gently squeeze the wire tail in towards the wrapped part and the bead until it no longer sticks out.

13. You’ve successfully created a wire wrapped loop!

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